OREANDA-NEWS. The Singapore government has demanded that the authors of the opposition edition of the Times Times Review correct material posted on Facebook, using the capabilities of the recently entered into force anti-counterfeiting law. This is stated in a statement circulated on Thursday by a special body to supervise the implementation of the law to counter false information and manipulation on the Internet.

"In accordance with the order received from the Minister of the Interior, Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, the author is obliged to make corrections to the material published on Facebook", the message says. In addition, "the author must publish a separate notice of the amendments, while the authorities do not require the complete removal of the material", the government agency specified. The statement also emphasizes that "the author of the material doesn't face criminal liability".

The opposition edition of the States Times Review, whose articles in Singapore can only be read on social networks, published the results of its own investigation on November 23. In them, in particular, it is alleged that one of the public activists who previously spoke out "exposing" the ruling party in the country is under investigation and arrested.