OREANDA-NEWS. Member of the opposition party "Union of Peasants and Greens of Lithuania" Robertas Scharnickas said that Lithuania blushes with shame after the rally of the chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs Zhigimantas Pavilenis by the Russian prankers "Vovan" and "Lexus".

Previously famous Russian prankers Vladimir Kuznetsov ("Vovan") and Alexey Stolyarov ("Lexus") played Pavilenis, posing as Alexei Navalny's ally Leonid Volkov. A recording of their conversation was posted on the prankers' YouTube channel. On the recording, Pavilenis also says that he can connect with the Cuban and Latin American mafia, which, according to him, are "the second most powerful" in the US Congress.

As Sputnik Lithuania writes, Scharnickas called on the ruling authorities "to do something, because Lithuania is blushing with shame."

Scharnickas told the agency: “In the published conversation, Pavilenis continues to shame the international arena. This time he went beyond all possible limits of decency ... At the end of the video, Pavilenis calls on the impostor interlocutor not to pay attention to the position of President Gitanas Nauseda, since they are ruled by the majority in the Diet. This refers to the party "Union of the Fatherland - Lithuanian Christian Democrats", which includes Pavilenis ".

According to the deputy, Pavilenis is the first chairman of the foreign affairs committee who, in just six months, managed to disgrace himself in the international arena and became the object of ridicule. He noted that the authorities must draw conclusions, since "this cannot continue."