OREANDA-NEWS. The president of the American organization Coalition for a Safer Web, Mark Ginsberg, filed a lawsuit against Alphabet, the parent company of Google. According to Bloomberg, he is demanding, that a California court order the company to remove the Telegram messenger from the Google Play app store.

Ginsberg claims, that Telegram promotes extremism and anti-semitism, and is also used to send threats and coordinate racially motivated violence. The lawsuit notes, that after storming the Capitol, Google removed the social network Parler, popular with Trump supporters, from it's app store, but did not do the same with Telegram.

Earlier, Ginsberg filed a similar lawsuit against Apple, demanding to remove the Telegram app from the App Store. Telegram founder Pavel Durov did not comment on the lawsuits, but reported, that the administrators of the messenger blocked hundreds of calls to violence in the United States.

American social network Parler partially restored with the help of the Russian company Ddos-Guard. The social network partially restored work on the morning of Tuesday, January 19.