OREANDA-NEWS. Telegraph readers are actively discussing the statements of British Defense Secretary Ben Walless, who called Russia the number one threat.

The day before, the head of the department announced the increased activity of Russian ships off the coast of the United Kingdom. He also noted London's regular attempts to pursue a policy of de-escalation towards Moscow, which have not been crowned with success.

British readers have found this to be unjustified. They wrote that they do not blame Russia, because, on the contrary, it is "NATO is trying to encircle its borders."

Edward Thunderpants said, "Let's keep pretending that the Russians are the enemy. What nonsense!"

According to a commentator under the nickname Activisor, Russia perceives the UK as just an annoying mouthpiece for propaganda. He also expressed the opinion that Moscow is much better armed than the Western countries.

Many users believe that the UK should first of all defend itself not from Russia, but from migrants arriving in large numbers.

The British Navy and Air Force constantly monitor the passage of Russian ships and flights of military aircraft near their borders. The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly emphasized that they do not violate borders and operate in international waters and airspace.