OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail harshly criticized US President Joe Biden for steps that threaten to unleash a large-scale war with Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

Some readers openly decry Biden. One user wrote: "The goal of the Americans is to start another big war in Europe. It can be very profitable for them. As a result, they will write off 50 trillion of the national debt."

"These bloodthirsty democrats thirsty for war are using the people of Ukraine just like cannon fodder!" - considers another. "I know a lot of decent Russians. They have no interest in the war with Ukraine," the user noted.

One commentator recalled that under Donald Trump, the world was relatively calm.

One reader expressed support for Russia, accusing the Obama administration and the European Union of overthrowing the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

Another commentator added that the UK will under no circumstances be able to fight against Russia.

Western countries accuse Russia of intensifying "aggressive actions" and demand an explanation for the movement of troops in Crimea and the Rostov region, near the Ukrainian border. The Kremlin said to this that the troops were moving across Russian territory and that this did not threaten anyone and should not bother anyone.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict and is interested in Kiev overcoming the political and economic crisis.