OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the British newspaper Times commented on the decision of the authorities to send warships to the Black Sea.

Royal Navy warships will sail to the Black Sea next month amid rising tensions between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

The appearance of the ships off the coast of Ukraine is intended to demonstrate solidarity with Kiev and NATO allies in the region. Last week, President Biden overturned a decision to send two US warships to the Black Sea due to the risk of further escalating the crisis due to the accumulation of Russian troops.

To support warships in the Black Sea if they are threatened by Russian warships, submarines or aircraft, the Royal Air Force stealth aircraft F-35B and Merlin helicopters are based on the flagship of the task force, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth for hunting for submarines. Queen Elizabeth will remain in the Mediterranean because an international treaty prohibits aircraft carriers from entering the Black Sea.

British readers reacted differently to this decision: some supported it, others were skeptical.

Often readers consider Crimea to be a "suitable" place for war and are confident that the British Air Force will not be able to do anything against Russia if necessary. One of the users ironically remarked that the only "normal" British ship will go to Crimea.

Readers noted that "the US is skimping again" and that sending a British ship is "a completely stupid measure. We still will not dare to use them, and the Russians know it. We need immediate economic action on an international basis."

Another user commented: "It seems to me that our five ships should be in the English Channel and patrol our shores. Rule, Britain, the seas."