OREANDA-NEWS. The YouTube channel of the Valve News Network, whose main activity is covering various rumors and news about the creators of Half-Life, has released a new video. In it, the author of the channel says that in the new Dota 2 update, references were found to the still unannounced Valve's game Citadel. 

Some time ago, this name has already appeared. But then everyone thought that it belongs to a VR-game developed in the walls of Valve, the actions of which, judging by the words of insiders, will develop in the Half-Life universe. But as it turned out, most likely it will be a separate project running on the Source engine. 

In the files there are traces of mentions of stealth from the first person, mini-maps and search for ways for artificial intelligence of opponents. What is it and what kind of game awaits us is not yet known. And it's too early to talk about it. The very same author of the video has not made assumptions about the essence of the game.