OREANDA-NEWS. According to the Kommersant newspaper, the European Union has prepared a new data management regulation, which may complicate the work, including for Russian companies. First of all, problems will arise for Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, large marketplaces and travel services.

The new law is called "Data Management". For the EU member states themselves, it rather simplifies all procedures related to the cancellation or sale of big data. The fact is that the general data protection regulation GDPR, adopted in Europe two years ago, is considered almost the most stringent law in the field of working with data.

To put it in a very simplified way, while the current law requires the business to disclose to the user in as much detail as possible what kind of information the company collects about him: for example, data about who the user is and where he lives, as well as what goods he ordered throughout history, what he was looking for , and so on. If a store wants to sell and transfer such data, this requires a separate permission from the user, and any of the permissions can be revoked by a person at any time and the business must comply.

Since the rules came into effect, many companies have repeatedly criticized the documents and pointed out that such strict requirements impeded competing with the American IT business.

And now Europe has prepared a law that simplifies the exchange and sale of data between businesses, but mainly within Europe. The document establishes restrictions on the transfer of data to countries, the level of information protection in which does not correspond to the European one. Russia belongs to this list.

According to lawyers, if the bill is passed, Russian online stores will not be able to receive even impersonal information about consumers from Europe, but it is needed, for example, for more accurate advertising or search adaptation.