OREANDA-NEWS. The territorial claims of the Americans on the issues of the Crimea and the Arctic are unjustified, said the readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro, commenting on the meeting of the heads of the Russian and US foreign ministries in Reykjavik.

One of the readers noted: “Crimea is not occupied, or we will have to admit that in the case of Crimea, the occupied prefer the occupier to their former compatriots. This means that this is not an occupation, but a liberation. When Crimea was returned, there were no casualties, no uprisings and generally no conflicts with the "occupier". There was not even a single attempt to attack the "occupying" military.”

Another French commentator remarked: “Fortunately, there are still countries like Russia and China to pacify the West. Although the United States can threaten some countries with military means, it is forced to moderate its ambitions against Russia and China, because it understands that in this case it is not with Andorra ".

Another reader wrote that “it’s useless, apparently, to remind the ill-mannered Blinken that we are talking about the primordial Russian lands? And then they threaten to “fight back if Russia takes irresponsible measures” against US interests. From that moment on, they should understand: Russia will respond to their claims adequately, and it will defend its interests no worse than the Americans. "

All French readers agreed that "let the Americans return home to America and the world will be a thousand times better."