OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro are actively discussing the news of the upcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden, but few of them believe in its success.

Many commentators agreed that there is essentially nothing to talk about with the United States.

"As long as they continue to impose sanctions, arrange provocations and surround Russia on all sides; while Biden insults Putin, calling him a" killer, "there is nothing to discuss with the United States," wrote a user under the nickname Gentilhomme - Vieille Canaille 84, adding that "he trusts the Russian the leader is more than the Americans. "

“It makes no sense to hope for anything. Until then, you will hear Biden's anti-Russian exclamations the day before the meeting,” another reader thinks. He called for "trusting Putin", noting his justice and wisdom.

Commentators did not pass by the place of the upcoming meeting of the two presidents.

"Putin wanted Geneva, Putin got it," Jack Soul said ironically.

"Or maybe? Biden wanted to meet in Geneva, remembering the landmark meeting between Gorbachev and Reagan in this city?" - wondered machin-choses.

The day before, the Kremlin officially confirmed that the first personal meeting of Presidents Putin and Biden will take place on June 16 in Geneva. The leaders are expected to discuss issues of strategic stability, the fight against the pandemic, the international agenda and regional conflicts.