OREANDA-NEWS. Telegram messenger should regulate posted content more strictly to combat hate speech, xenophobia, calls for violence and agitation on the web, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said in an interview with Funke media group.

According to the minister, messaging does not fall under the law on improving law enforcement in social networks, as it is intended for individual communication. However, today messages in the messenger can be posted in public groups of up to 200 thousand participants.

«We must act more decisively against harassment, violence and hatred on the Internet», said Faeser. She said that the Federal Department of Justice of Germany has initiated two cases against the messenger, it is credited with violating the law on improving law enforcement in social networks. At the same time, Telegram itself did not respond to it in any way. «The Federal government will not allow this», the minister warned.

According to Faeser, the number of subscribers to public channels is not limited and therefore the public channels must fall under the same regulatory rules as the social networks Facebook and Twitter. «This means that knowingly punishable content must be removed within 24 hours, illegal content — within seven days», the minister concluded.

Faeser believes that public channels are obliged to report all violations to the Federal Criminal Police Department.