OREANDA-NEWS. The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden will take place at a good time, as Moscow and Washington are on the verge of a new nuclear race, writes The National Interest.

According to the authors of the article, even an unintentional clash between countries may become a reason for a nuclear conflict between the United States, Russia and China. Therefore, it is easier for Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden to agree on a new deal on strategic nuclear weapons, relying on previous agreements. However, small steps will not be enough to reverse the destabilizing trends that have unfolded over the past quarter century.

In turn, analysts note that Moscow, unlike Beijing, should cause Washington to be more concerned about the "nuclear issue", since China will have to build up its arsenal for a long time to catch up with the United States. At the same time, the White House and the Kremlin have already proven their ability to fulfill mutual agreements, so the predicted benefits in case of their success will be much greater.

First of all, the Joe Biden administration should come up with a proposal to limit the number of nuclear weapons in both countries through effective checks, writes NI. "Russia and the United States possess approximately 3,500-4500 such weapons and can support an approximate one if agreed," the authors added, stressing that annual reports on the tests carried out and the exchange of approximate development plans for the coming decade will help foresee the vector of development of nuclear programs.

The first personal meeting between Presidents Putin and Biden will take place on June 16 in Geneva. The leaders are expected to discuss issues of strategic stability, the fight against the pandemic, the international agenda and regional conflicts.