OREANDA-NEWSThe New York Times U.S. newspaper claims that Russian-related hackers attacked the Ukrainian energy company Burisma in November 2019 in an attempt to gain potentially incriminating information about former U.S. vice president Joseph Biden and his son Hunter. The relevant material was published on Monday in the electronic version of the publication.

The New York Times, referring to security experts, indicates that, starting in November 2019, a series of phishing attacks were carried out aimed at gaining access to logins and passwords of employees of Burisma itself, as well as other companies that are part of the Burisma holding Holdings. The publication notes that, according to the information provided by Area 1, a cybersecurity company, these attacks are hackers allegedly associated with the GRU, as well as members of the Fancy Bear group, also known as Sofacy and APT28.

The newspaper indicates that hackers managed to hack into the accounts of some employees and thus gain access to one of the company's servers. At the same time, the New York Times writes, it remains unknown what kind of data the hackers were interested in and whether they could get it.

According to its sources, the time of the attacks and their scale indicate that ultimately the hackers tried to obtain information that could potentially harm the former US vice president and his son, who was part of the Burisma leadership.