OREANDA-NEWS. A new cold war is beginning in the world and a doctrinal definition of opponents is already underway, says Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin.

In his opinion, there are several trends in the world today that cause the most serious challenges and threats to security.

"Firstly, today we are witnessing the formation of a new world order. We see a tendency for countries to be drawn into a new Cold War, dividing states into" ours "and" aliens, "while the" aliens "are clearly defined in doctrinal documents as an adversary," Fomin said in an interview with RT.

At the same time, the existing system of international relations, the security architecture are systematically destroyed, and the role of international organizations is diminished.

Instead of international law, an order is imposed, "based on certain rules, proposed and supported by someone unknown, not spelled out anywhere and only suited to those who, in fact, invented this order," the deputy minister added.

At the same time, fundamentally new types of weapons appear, which radically change the balance of power, armed confrontation is penetrating ever new spheres - space and cyberspace. All this leads to a change in the principles and methods of warfare, Fomin emphasized.

According to him, all these topics will be discussed at the IX Moscow Conference on International Security, which will be held in Moscow from 22 to 24 June.