OREANDA-NEWS. The «Safe Internet League» offers to slow down TikTok in Russia. Ekaterina Mizulina (the daughter of Senator Mizulina) appealed to Roskomnadzor and asked to check the social network. She found there propaganda of drugs, suicides and insulting the feelings of believers. She attached thousands of links to publications with prohibited content to her appeal. Mizulina believes that there is practically no moderation on this resource either.

Earlier, Twitter was slowed down in Russia. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the authorities do not plan to block Western social networks. However, according to him, the management of these sites does not always meet the requirements of the Russian authorities.

«They send us away when they do not comply with our requirements and Russian laws. And when they say to us: you know, we will work for you, and if you don't like something, we will give you beads and be happy that we have given you and that glitters well. It also humiliates our dignity. If you work in our country, you earn decent money, you must obey our laws», Putin said.

«And so we tell them — you are distributing child pornography there, or instructions on suicide, or how to make Molotov cocktails, and so on. You have to remove it. And they just don't listen to us, they don't even want to hear what we say», Putin outlined the situation.