OREANDA-NEWS. At the suggestion of the head of the State Duma committee on physical culture, sports, tourism and youth affairs Boris Paykin in Russia, it is worth creating a blogger code.

The State Duma is hosting a meeting of the youth parliament's expert council on information policy and media, to which dozens of popular Runet bloggers from various fields were invited.

Boris Paikin is sure that bloggers should work together, and for this purpose it is necessary to jointly approve the Blogger's Code at the legislative level. He recalled that "any blogger must bear civil responsibility, there must also be administrative responsibility," since a blogger" is the same citizen of the Russian Federation."

According to the data that Paikin presented at the meeting, today there are about 200 thousand bloggers on the Runet, 779 of them have more than a million subscribers. The initiator of the proposal noted that today bloggers have a very great influence on the formation of public opinion on various issues of different spheres of life in the country and in the world.

Boris Paikin also invited bloggers to promote the ideas of domestic tourism, mass sports, yorth and family issues, cultural development and other priority areas of national policy.