OREANDA-NEWS. A possible conflict in Ukraine can be foreseen two weeks before the start of hostilities, a columnist for the American magazine Popular Mechanics Kyle Mizokami wrote about this.

In his article, he listed "eight warning signs" that will signal the imminent start of Russia's "military aggression" in Ukraine.

First of all, two weeks before "day x" Russia will place stocks of fuel and ammunition in the regions of the country on the border with Ukraine. She will also deploy field hospitals.

Further, according to Mizokami, Moscow will launch a series of cyberattacks on the network infrastructure of Ukraine, affecting the work of the government, financial institutions, emergency services and utilities. In addition, military hackers will conduct spoofing attacks on the country's GPS system. In this case, we mean the technology of “deceiving” the GPS receiver by transmitting a slightly stronger signal than from GPS satellites, as a result of which the user receives a response with an incorrect location.

After that, a week before hostilities, the author noted, Russian nuclear submarines with cruise missiles capable of attacking cargo ships with military equipment for Ukraine can go to the Atlantic Ocean. At the border, meanwhile, electronic warfare equipment (EW) should start working, which will affect the work of social networks.

The day before the “aggression”, the columnist summed up, “little green men” may appear on the territory of Ukraine. Aerial unmanned reconnaissance will also begin its work.

According to Mizokami, Putin himself does not want to hide the upcoming military operation. He noted that it would be more preferable for Russia if the Ukrainian government “broke down” and made concessions.