OREANDA-NEWS. A trailer of a Russian serial about the events in Chernobyl, filmed by the NTV channel, has appeared on the network.  The video was posted on the Youtube channel of actor Igor Petrenko, who played the main role in the series.  The video was available for several hours, after which it was removed.

 Attentive viewers noticed several kinolyaps in the trailer of the Russian version of the Chernobyl series, published on the eve of the Web, on July 24.  Internet users were unhappy with the Russian response to the US-British version of Chernobyl: a short video has already received more than 7.2 thousand marks "do not like" on YouTube.

 The release of the Russian film, based on the real history of the team of volunteers-liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, is scheduled for the autumn of 2020.  The film is directed by Danila Kozlovsky.  The main roles are played by Kozlovsky and Oksana Akinshina.  Also in the tape are filmed Philip Avdeev, Nikolai Kozak, Igor Chernevich, Ravshana Kurkova.