OREANDA-NEWS. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk announced "hints" from Russia about a possible nuclear strike against Ukraine, reports TASS.

He noted that in 1991 Ukraine "had the third largest nuclear potential" among the countries of the world, but "voluntarily renounced" it, becoming a "nuclear-free state."

“Today, the Russian Federation, which, I recall, has become the guarantor of such disarmament, is hinting that if we continue our democratic development, it may even strike a nuclear strike at us,” the chairman of the Rada said.

Recently, Western media and Ukrainian officials have heard reports of an allegedly impending "invasion" of Russia by Ukraine. For example, the Associated Press, citing a source in the administration of US President Joe Biden, wrote that, according to American intelligence services, Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine in January 2022, and the German newspaper Bild has published a scheme of the alleged "invasion." On December 19, US President Joe Biden gave his administration a four-week window to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

The Kremlin called these suspicions "empty and groundless escalation of tension."

Earlier, Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Committee of the Federation Council on International Affairs, noted that the United States cannot have any information about Russia's military plans, since everything that our country does in the field of military training takes place on its territory. He also expressed confidence that the spread of fake news indicates that NATO, led by Washington, is fomenting hysteria.