OREANDA-NEWS. American correspondents, who stormed ahead of the meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, betray the classic traditions of overseas journalism and show not only professional, but also general human rudeness. Timur Shafir, Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Vice-President of the International Federation of Journalists, spoke with this position in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

Earlier, American journalists staged a stampede at the entrance to the hall, where the meeting of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden is taking place at the Villa La Grange. Only a few correspondents were able to get inside.

Shafir commented on the behavior of his American colleagues: “It is difficult to comment on anything here within the framework of not journalistic ethics, but universal ones. Unfortunately, stepping on colleagues' feet, pushing them with elbows, trying to climb over their heads, despite the importance of the event, does not paint anyone: neither ordinary citizens, nor professional journalists, and even more so American colleagues. It is a pity that the classical traditions of American, overseas journalism, which are hundreds of years old, even in such trifles, we see them less and less. I am very sorry about it".

At the same time, limiting the presence of American media journalists or reducing their number, according to a representative of the UJR, will not help the situation.

"There are certain protocol standards that are agreed by both parties. This is not a question of restrictions. And one journalist who will push everyone can arrange the devil from any ceremony. This is, apparently, about bad manners," Shafir added.