OREANDA-NEWSThe US Cyber ​​Command has prepared an operation against the Russian political and economic elite in the event of hackers interfering in the 2020 presidential election, the American media reported citing sources among US officials. The interlocutors of the publication at the same time indicate that the operation will not affect President Vladimir Putin, because such a step "would be too provocative".

It may be about gaining access and using confidential information about the leaders of Russia. Another option is a search for disagreements between representatives of the Russian elite. The CIA and the Department of State are expected to assist in this cyber command.

The preparations for the operation are connected with the fact that last month the intelligence provided a secret report stating that Russia, with the help of hackers, will try to sow discord among the Americans and deliberately exacerbate the existing contradictions in society.

According to the newspaper, the US Cyber ​​Command has already taken certain measures. In particular, we are talking about the attack of the so-called trolls, which in social networks acted on behalf of American citizens. Washington is convinced that this is happening on the instructions of the Russian Internet Research Agency.