OREANDA-NEWS. The automatic translation of publications from Russian into English has started working on the «VKontakte» social network. The feature will allow Russian-language content to become more accessible to users from other countries. This is reported by the press service of «VKontakte».

«Users from other countries are increasingly showing interest in Russian-language content hosted by social network. We follow a global goal — to break down any barriers in communication, so we continue to invest in machine learning technologies. It opens up more opportunities for people to communicate with each other. With automatic translations, it becomes easier for residents of different countries and continents to exchange experiences, opinions, knowledge or funny stories», said Alexander Tobol, technical director of the social network.

He added that in the future it is also planned to translate comments, messages and all content. To do this, VKontakte's own technology is used, based on a neural network model that is trained on open data. It also takes into account the peculiarities of communication in different communities, for example, it is able to distinguish slang.