OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, the «VTimes» media is included in the register of «foreign agents media». «In compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the register of foreign media performing the functions of a foreign agent includes a legal entity registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Stichting 2 Oktober (registration number No. 69126968), which is the administrator of the domain name of the Internet resource VTimes.io», the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation reported on Friday, May 14.

The «Vtimes» media was created at the end of July 2020 by journalists of the «Vedomosti» newspaper, who resigned in protest against the actions of the new leadership. The adviser to the new project was media manager Derk Sauer, who in 1999, together with «The Wall Street Journal» and «The Financial Times», founded «Vedomosti».

In the spring of 2020, Ivan Eremin, the publisher of «FederalPress», became the new owner of «Vedomosti», and Andrey Shmarov became the editor-in-chief. The editorial board accused Shmarov of censorship due to interference in already published materials, after which some of the employees, including five deputy editors-in-chief, left the newspaper.

The list of «foreign agents media» already includes 20 organizations and individuals, including the TV channel «Nastoyashee Vremya», «Radio Svoboda» and «Golos Americy». On April 23, the Ministry of Justice of Russia included «Medusa» and the «First Anti-Corruption Media» in the register.