OREANDA-NEWS In the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" in articles on the summit of the "Big Twenty" (G20) Crimea is indicated on the maps as part of Russia.

It is noted that the peninsula is listed Russian in all 72 national Wikipedia, including the Ukrainian. The territory of the Crimea on the map is painted in purple, like Russia. At the same time, Ukraine is shown in gray, since it is not included in the G20. Consequently, according to the map, the peninsula is recognized as part of Russia.

Representatives of the site explained that such maps with a different designation of the ownership of Crimea appear on the portal due to the fact that users have the right to edit articles online themselves.

According to Vladimir Medeiko, director of Wikimedia RU, the Crimea should have been painted in a different color as “territory with a special status”. He added that the “revision wars” also occur with editors from Japan, who daily change the identity of the Kuril Islands on various maps.