OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft released two patches for Windows 10 last week that fix several vulnerabilities and bugs, and they failed. Because at the same time they cause more problems than they solve. According to Windows Latest, updates KB4579311 and KB4577671 interfere with the operation of some computers.

Complaints about these problems are published by users of Microsoft forums, Reddit and other Internet sites. However, it is not yet possible to determine what proportion of users have problems, because Microsoft once again failed to test patches before release on all possible configurations of software and hardware.

For some users, patches are simply not installed, giving an error. The solution that worked in the past – to download the patches again and try to install again - does not work this time. The publication Windows Latest recommends, if you have not yet installed these updates, pause the update and wait for Microsoft to fix the flaws.

Moreover, individual users also report more serious problems caused by updates - for example, the appearance of a "blue screen of death" after the installation or inoperability of "Explorer", the printer, as well as problems with sound devices.