A woman was arrested for presumably hitting protesters with her car in Elizabeth City on Monday night.

Lisa Michelle O'Quinn of Greenville was charged of attack with a deadly weapon with the definite purpose to kill, of careless and reckless driving and one count of unsafe movement.

The breach of law has been happened at the crossing of Ehringhaus Street and Griffin Street around 6:45, according to Elizabeth City Police. There two women suffered : Michelle Morris and Valerie Lindsey. They were taken to the hospital but their traumas were not dangerous and it is expected that they would recover soon.

Protests have been consistent in Elizabeth City in recent weeks over the release of police video involving the shooting death of Andrew Brown. He was shot by Pasquotank County deputies on April 21 in a case that's drawn national attention.

It was noted in a police report that women just were peacefully protesting and exercising their constitutional rights.

The police department is investigating whether or not the act should be considered a hate crime. 

O'Quinn was processed at the Albemarle District Jail. She has a first court appearance on May 27.