OREANDA-NEWS Xiaomi is busy shooting a new promo video for Redmi Note 8. Yesterday, the company presented footage from a commercial with Redmi Note 8 Pro, now on TikTok there is a clip showing Redmi Note 8 that uses NFC technology. 

NFC technology is not the most necessary feature, and Xiaomi phones usually use it only for the flagship Mi series. NFC is gaining popularity in China as AliPay and Apple Pay use this technology, although QR codes remain also popular. 

It is still unclear whether NFC will only be in the “Pro” model and what will be the differences between the versions of the smartphone. It is expected that the Pro will be equipped with a 64MP Samsung sensor in a triple camera. Phones Redmi Note 8 will be announced soon, although the general manager of Redmi does not disclose details about the new product.