OREANDA-NEWS. Yandex has patented a technology that can detect the level of income of mobile device users by profession and by what services they use.  The corresponding document is contained in the database of Rospatent.

 The program can work with audiovisual and textual information stored on PCs, smartphones and tablets of users.  In addition, she knows how to connect to the sensors of gadgets, for example, to the microphone.  In the "Yandex" stated that they are not going to apply the innovation in practice.

 According to the patent, the system of users' earnings will be determined by profession.  However, according to Alexander Safonov, Vice-Rector of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, this technology will not always be able to accurately determine the place of work of the user, since, for example, the data from the gadgets of the nurse and the head physician will turn out to be approximately the same.