OREANDA-NEWS. The Yandex.Kassa service announced the launch of a mobile application designed for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.  According to representatives of Yandex, the proportion of customers of the current electronic service, performing their operations through a personal account using a mobile browser, has already reached 25%.

 After entering by login and password, the user enters their online stores, and there is access to details of specific payments.  Yulia Gorelova, head of the payment business development department of Yandex.Kassa, expressed her opinion.  The new application is related to commercial structures of small format.  Small business representatives will have the opportunity to solve problems from anywhere.  It is possible to make payments according to some parameters.  In the event that the client has a number of online stores, he can switch between them.

 “The new Yandex.Kassa application is primarily intended for small-sized companies.  It will help entrepreneurs solve business problems anywhere - for example, at business meetings, on business trips, in their own office or at home, ”explains director Julia Gorelova.