OREANDA-NEWS The most large-scale international shift of 2019 “We are different - we are equal” started in “Artek”: 3,470 children from 76 countries and 79 regions of Russia.

Along with Artek, the International Camping Fellowship and the Artek Support Center became the organizers of the international shift.

The main idea of ​​the shift, which will last 21 days, is child diplomacy through the study of cultural diversity, in the formation of mutual trust through educational and creative dialogue.

More children are waiting for the festival of national cultures, the competitions “Friendship in Dance” and “Games of the Peoples of the World”, the Carnival “Many Faces World”, international chess competitions, discussions on the subject of Earth ecology, volunteering and humanitarian cooperation, and even the ironic quest “Artekovsky Globe”, which will focus on exploring the countries of the shift.