OREANDA-NEWS. Jennifer Lopez has once again proved that she does not look her age. The singer shared on Instagram a picture in a bikini, which instantly conquered her army of fans. Jay Lo's page has 137 million subscribers, so "likes" and approving comments flowed like a river. Moreover, the star showed off her main "weapon" - the famous body part, which she once insured for a million dollars.

Lopez celebrated the New Year in New York, where she performed on December 31 in a grand show in the central square of Times Square. And then Jennifer took a vacation and flew to warm lands. The singer is basking on the beach under the tropical sun. The photo she shared on her page was taken from the ground at a slightly angled angle, from the angle from which her figure looks most advantageous.

Jay Lo captioned her photo: "Beach Bum #GodsLight." But the singer jokes in this way, because she chose very expensive things and accessories for a beach holiday.

The new year 2021 began very well for the singer. Jennifer founded her own beauty brand, JLO Beauty, and launched a line of skin care products on January 1. Lopez admitted that creating the brand was her "30-year dream." By the way, Jennifer is very successful not only in music, but also in business. She already has a fashion brand JLo by Jennifer Lopez: under this brand, the artist produces clothes, perfumes and accessories. Jennifer created a fashion empire in 2001, and has since brought the singer and other investors over a billion dollars. Lopez became one of the first stars of show business to launch her own fashion business, and, as time has shown, one of the most forward-thinking.