The well-known Berlin gallery KABINETT has announced the exhibition "Galina Dulkina - Update of Russian Avantgarde". This is the first time after 1917 that Western Europe holds a large-scale personal exhibition of Russian porcelain sculptors. Citizens of Berlin will see more than 30 works by Galina. Among them are "The Concorde of Jurassic period" and a series "We will hear the flight of all planets».

Galina Dulkina is a young porcelain sculptor, whose works are already in the largest Russian and Western Europe private collections. She has gained such high acceptance among collectors and connoisseurs of art thanks to her rare nowadays skillful work with such a difficult material as porcelain. To master this ancient technology which remained the same though the last 250 years an artist should have a talent of a sculptor who moulds the final shape from porcelain mass and of a painter who is able to select colors at all stages of work burning. Combining the principles of the work of a traditional porcelain master and of a modern artist Galina Dulkina works in her own studio where all by herself she moulds, glazes, paints, burns, gilds and fulfills other necessary processes to create porcelain sculptors. Galina Dulkina starts the dialogue with such renowned masters of plastic as Alexander Arkhipenko and Konstantin Brancusi in her works. The stylistics of painting of her works reminds of canvases of Georges Braque and heritage of suprematist artists. Developing her own format of modern cubism Galina Dulkina investigates the principles of this movement in sculpture creating her own recognizable works and balancing on the edge of figurative plastics and objectlessness.

The exhibition present more than 30 porcelain works created from 2007 to 2016.

Gallery KABINETT. Carmerstrasse 11. 

Admission is free. 

10623 Berlin 27.01.17 – 22.02.2017