OREANDA-NEWS. A spin-off of The Witcher series was released on Netflix on August 23. The cartoon, called «The Witcher: The Wolf's Nightmare», tells the story of Vesemir, the mentor of future monster hunters.

In the story, the main character, together with the sorceress Tetra, goes to the forest to destroy a mysterious monster. The witcher Vesemir, Geralt's mentor from Rivia, will have to fight not only with goblins, water women and other monsters created on the basis of Slavic mythology, but also with the misunderstanding of his profession by both ordinary people and high-ranking nobles. The production was handled by the Korean studio «Studio Mir», which released the animated series «Voltron: The Legendary Defender» and «The Legend of Korra». The duration of the cartoon is 83 minutes. Professional voice acting and subtitles are offered for domestic viewers.

«Vesemir was chosen as the main character for a reason. The fact is that he is the teacher of the main character of the fantasy series. The authors of the cartoon offer to look at the history of Vesemir to understand how the character of Geralt was built», the director of the film, Han Gwan-il, said.

The director understands that combat scenes should be shot not for the sake of showing violence, but to demonstrate the character's battle with emotions. This is how the depth of the cartoon is achieved.

«I would say that the most difficult thing is to convey emotions. I mean the emotions that the character is experiencing right now. We need to figure out what action could portray this in the best way. This is the most difficult and most painstaking part of the process», Gwan-il said.