OREANDA-NEWS. The famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to lead the human resistance if aliens attack the Earth. The movie star made the statement on Twitter. He wrote, that he is ready to serve and want to thank all people, who believe in him.

This reaction of the Hollywood star and former governor of California followed after a survey of the TV channel Blaze, which was attended by two thousand residents of the UK. They were asked to choose a celebrity who could be trusted with the title of defender of the Earth from aliens.

There were several actors who fought with aliens in movies and TV series in the top. Among them are Will Smith (Independence Day and Men in Black), Sigourney Weaver (four parts of Alien) and David Duchovny with Gillian Anderson (The X-Files). But the most popular choice was still Schwarzenegger, who deftly dealt with an alien hunter in the movie Predator.

The last place in the top 20 candidates for defenders of the Earth was taken by US President Joe Biden. At the same time, former President Donald Trump was in eighth place.