OREANDA-NEWS. The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and C/O Berlin will host a new panel discussion of the „Watched!“ series on the topic of surveillance art & photography. The event entitled “The Public Self” will take place on 13 October 2016. Artist and media scholar Hasan Elahi, sociologist Harald Welzer, artist Florian Mehnert and cyber psychologist Catarina Katzer will discuss the displacement of private life into public space and the associated effects. The event will be moderated by Anne-Christin Bertrand of C/O Berlin and Anne-Marie Beckmann of Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation. Every second month artists, scientist, photographers, lawyers, politicians and journalists are discussing and holding talks under the name ”Watched!” at C/O Berlin in Amerika Haus, Berlin.

Authenticity versus fictionality, stability versus dynamics – the 'self' is no longer a fixed psychological and philosophical variable but rather marked with fragility and fractures. It can't simply exist on its own, but rather forms in the exchange with its surroundings and requires public attention in order to learn values, norms and behaviors. The ego is only constructed in the gaze of the other and as such is the result of a narrative that constantly redefines itself. So far, the self has constructed itself in its immediate environment. Through the digital revolution and social media, one's radius and options are expanded to a much larger degree – anyone can present themselves at any time at any location and in real time. At the same time, this pinnacle of networking leads to a blurring of the private and public, an increasing individualization and results in constant surveillance – both internally and externally.

With the series "Watched! – Surveillance Art & Photography" C/O Berlin and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation address the different forms of surveillance and their effects on individuals and entire groups and present different commentaries and reactions from the perspective of contemporary art and media experts. 

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