OREANDA-NEWS. As rbc.ru reports, the BBC has promised the public to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of an interview that Princess Diana gave to journalist Martin Bashir in 1995. She spoke frankly about her unhappy marriage with Prince Charles and his infidelities. A month later, at the request of Queen Elizabeth II, a divorce followed, and two years later, Diana died in a car accident in a Paris tunnel.

This interview has become one of the highest rated programs in the history of British television. According to various estimates, about 20 million people watched it on the day of the broadcast.

Earlier this week, Diana's brother Charles Spencer said that Bashir tricked his sister into revealing details of his personal life, which were not publicly discussed. He allegedly showed her fake bank receipts and said that he was paying people around the princess for information, including her personal bodyguard. Bashir claimed that he had details about what was happening in the royal family, and therefore invited Diana to tell everything first.

Spencer said that he has materials from which it follows that Bashir lied to Diana for several weeks, hoping that the princess would begin to trust him.

The BBC had previously admitted that Bashir was indeed dishonest with Diana, but argued that the princess herself was ready for a frank conversation. Now the British corporation "BBC" promised to re-check all the facts.

The BBC noted that the inspection may be complicated due to Bashir's poor health. In October, it became known that he had serious health problems due to complications associated with coronavirus infection.