OREANDA-NEWS. Belarus has asked Russia to extradite singer Anzhelika Agurbash, who has repeatedly participated in protest actions near the Belarusian embassy in Moscow. Criminal cases have been initiated against Agurbash under Part 3 of Article 130 (Incitement of racial, national, religious or other social hostility or discord) and part 2 of Article 368 (Insulting the President), the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus reported on Monday, July 5.

According to the supervisory authority, since August 2020, Agurbash has been posting information on the Internet aimed at inciting social hostility against «law enforcement officers, civil servants, government representatives who advocate the observance of law and order and the preservation of the current state constitutional system of the Republic of Belarus».

The singer is also charged with publishing information on the Internet containing insults to the President of Belarus, «combined with accusing him of committing particularly serious crimes».

Anzhelika Agurbash previously reported on the initiation of criminal cases against her in Belarus. The singer did not specify what exactly these charges are related to. «It seems that Lukashenko will not stop until he destroys all of us, our lives, destinies and our future. And our further inaction and delay can turn into a real disaster for Belarus», Agurbash said in her video message.

She called on all political movements, parties and «not indifferent people» to unite their efforts to achieve a national referendum and discuss the new draft Constitution of Belarus.