OREANDA-NEWS. Among the number of stars who decided to end their relationship at the end of 2021 were Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, who even planned to get married. Either because of the big age difference, or because of the different views on a joint future, the lovers broke up a year after declaring themselves a couple.

Ben Affleck went through all the stages of accepting the fact of parting with his beloved: at first he begged Ana to return, then he threw away their joint photos, eventually found consolation, first in Tinder, and then in Jennifer Lopez.

As for his ex-lover, she began dating Vice President of Tinder. Several sources have confirmed that Ana de Armas and Paul Bukadakis, who were photographed by the paparazzi together, have been dating for several months.

“Paul and Ana met through friends. He lives in Austin and occasionally rushes between Texas and Santa Monica. He spent a lot of time with Ana before she left the United States to shoot a new film,” sources close to the couple said.

The young man has already introduced the actress to his family members. He's an enviable groom: Bukadakis was the co-founder and CEO of Wheel, acquired by Tinder in 2017. Paul became Tinder's VP of Special Initiatives and worked on content creation for the site, including the Swipe Night platform.

Ana de Armas is currently filming the new Netflix movie The Gray Man. Her co-stars on set are Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Rege-Jean Page. We are sure that after a tape with such a stellar line-up, and mostly male, Ana will find even more popularity and fame.