OREANDA-NEWS. The news that Angelina Jolie again went to court in the custody of children, almost no one was surprised. For several years now, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been unable to agree on the division of an impressive joint property, as well as custody of their minor children. It is believed that the lawsuits are dragged out by the actress who wants her ex-husband to get the bare minimum - at least in terms of communicating with her sons and daughters.

According to insiders, children rarely see their father - and for a variety of and often far-fetched reasons. Especially the film star does not like it when the ex-husband introduces the heirs to his environment. Apparently, she is afraid that the children may switch sides in this conflict.

Recently, Jolie and her lawyers decided to put pressure on the final decision of the guardianship court, coming up with a loud topic of domestic violence. The star claims that the children suffered from the cruelty of Brad Pitt - and their son Maddox has already confirmed this.

“Brad and his supporters never attacked Angelina. He is heartbroken that she took this path. And he is devastated because every day he is losing more and more chances of participating in the lives of children, ”an anonymous acquaintance of the actor told the American media.

Pitt's supporters claim that Maddox's statement about the abuse by his father is not true - and lawyers have already found evidence that such incidents did not happen between them.