OREANDA-NEWSThe world's largest cinema database and website, Internet Movie Database (IMDB), has ranked the most popular actors and actresses in 2019. The list is compiled based on the data of the weekly chart STARmeter IMDbPro, which is formed based on the actual views of the actors' pages on the site.

First place went to the star of the movie "Captain Marvel" Bree Larson. The picture raised more than $ 1 billion at the box office. Larson also played the superhero in the movie  Avengers: Endgame, which raised more than $ 2.7 billion at the box office.

The second place went to actress Erin Moriarty, who played the main female character in the TV series "The Boys", released on the streaming service Amazon Prime in late July. Moriarty headed the STARmeter chart all August. Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones closes the three. The top 10 also included Naomi Scott, Dijkr Montgomery, Zachary Levy, Keanu Reeves, Rosa Salazar, Margot Robbie and Joaquin Phoenix.