OREANDA-NEWS. It turns out that the father was planning to improve relations with his son. However, at the last moment, the Prince of Wales decided to abandon this idea.

As you know, on July 1 in London, in Kensington Gardens, a commemorative statue of Princess Diana was unveiled.

According to royal sources, it was on that day that Prince Charles, who was in Scotland during the event, planned a secret meeting with his son, Prince Harry. A family dinner tête-à-tête was supposed to take place with the aim of mending relations between the father and youngest son, who have been at war for more than a year. As you know, their relationship was pretty spoiled by Harry's candid interviews about life in the royal family and the methods of raising Prince Charles. Harry accused his father of letting him suffer when he was a teenager, and also said that members of the royal family made racist remarks about his wife.

However, the reconciliatory evening did not take place. The joint dinner was canceled at the last moment on the initiative of the Prince of Wales. At the same time, the queen's son preferred not to name the reason for this decision. Only now, a representative of Buckingham Palace told reporters that the heir to the throne refused to meet because he fears the reaction of Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry. After all the accusations against the monarchs, Prince Charles is seriously worried that he has something extra to say.

"Charles is afraid of dinner because of the fact that he might make some mistake, and the Duchess of Sussex may misinterpret his actions," - said an insider, whose name the press chose to keep secret.