OREANDA-NEWS. In Georgia, the scandal around the singer - Eurovision contestant - 2021 Tornike Kipiani, who spoke obscenely against his critics on Facebook, is gaining momentum. A petition demanding to withdraw him from participation in the song contest has been published on the manifest.ge website.

Earlier, Kipiani posted two statuses on his Facebook account, where he obscenely criticized "haters" who did not like his contest song "You". Social media users criticized him for his lack of restraint.

The petition says that "On March 16, 2021, Georgian representative Tornike Kipiani posted a status on his Facebook page in which he mentioned the above competition in a negative and offensive aspect, thereby harming the country participating in the same competition."

"He insulted the public, which expressed dissatisfaction with the competition song. Tornike is known for his aggressive and degrading rhetoric, on the basis of which, in order to preserve the country's image, we appeal to the public broadcaster to disqualify Tornike Kipiani from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021," the document says. 

This is not the first scandal associated with the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. So, Ukrainian animal rights activists were outraged because of the video for the song "Noise", with which the Go_A group intends to represent the country at Eurovision.
According to a message from the organization UAnimals on Facebook, the musicians used in their video a rare bird listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. "The exploitation of the bird species, which was used for filming the clip, is carried out in exceptional situations only for scientific and breeding purposes," the message underlines.