OREANDA-NEWS Cultural workers in Russia were sent a manual on «digital hygiene». It was published in the magazine «Aktion Culture» — a periodical for all cultural institutions from museums and theaters to libraries and schools.

Managers are warned that the Prosecutor General's Office and Roskomnadzor check everything that budget organizations publish on the Internet. It is recomended for the cultural workers do not publish black squares, flags of other states and symbols that can be regarded in two ways. For example, green ribbons and green icons with a stylized bird, which are used in flash mobs as a symbol of peace.

Also prescribed to check out the territory and stands every three hours, because oppositionists can put up leaflets with extremist and protest symbols there, which can be anything — «even ordinary ribbons and symbols of subcultures». The manual said that if you are a teacher, avoid photos of fighting in personal social networks, even if it is blocked.