OREANDA-NEWS. Petersburg plant "Raketa" will help to recreate the clock for the Notre Dame Cathedral. Geographic remoteness will not become an obstacle for the reconstruction of the mechanism damaged during the fire in spring 2019.

French experts thank the employees of the Russian plant for their participation in the restoration of the cathedral. The press service of the Raketa plant, in turn, reported that the company's engineers have already started the first stage of work - studying the design of the watch mechanism.

The plant in St. Petersburg was chosen for the reconstruction of the clock of the Notre Dame Cathedral because the technology for the production of devices of this type was lost in France. At the same time, the Russian plant "Raketa" has experience in developing the production of the largest clock mechanism in the world - it was here that the monumental clock was created in the atrium of the Central House of Music in Moscow.

It became necessary to recreate the clock after the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral on April 5, 2019. The fire was large-scale, and almost led to the complete collapse of the structure. As a result, the building's spire and roof fell. After the accident the French President told his fellow citizens that Notre Dame Cathedral will be restored within 5 years.