OREANDA-NEWS. At a conference organized by the Goldman Sachs investment fund, Disney Corporation CEO Bob Chapek touched in more detail on the scandal initiated by Scarlett Johansson. Without naming the actress directly, Chapek said that a contract was signed several years ago, which provided for certain release conditions, but as a result, the conditions for the release of the film changed in accordance with the real situation. According to the head of Disney, work is currently underway on a new format of agreements that will be signed in the future with talents (people of creative professions who have had a hand in creating certain projects). The agreements that have already been signed will also be reviewed: as Chapek explained, in each individual case, the company is trying to find a middle ground so that the conditions suit both Disney and the second party.

The Disney Corporation was pushed to change by the actress Scarlett Johansson, who sued her in connection with violations of the terms of a previously concluded contract. The documents for the film "Black Widow" stipulated that it was to be released exclusively in cinemas, on the results of which certain bonuses of the main role performer depended. Disney decided to release "The Widow" in a hybrid format, that is, simultaneously in the cinema and online, which led to a decrease in box office receipts and, as a result, a decrease in bonuses. In its official statement, the Disney corporation accused Johansson of wanting to profit from people in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, but then, apparently, the American media giant still had to moderate his ardor. The details of the trial were not disclosed, but given Bob's statement regarding the revision of the format of standard contracts, the corporation was forced to admit its mistake.