OREANDA-NEWS. Crimean divers have already celebrated the New Year at the bottom of the Black Sea. The kp.ru website reports that the divers descended to a six-meter depth near the coastal town of Sudak, held hands and danced around a decorated Christmas tree.

Santa Claus was also present at the underwater party. The artificial Christmas tree was decorated with toys, which were tied tightly with wire so that the current would not be carried away.

The Christmas tree was decorated with garlands that were powered by batteries. As told in the club of divers "Magic", the garland on the Christmas tree had to be soldered by hand so that everything was hermetically sealed, and the water did not flow and did not damage it.

At first, when it was light, beginners would descend to the sea bottom to the decorated Christmas tree, and after sunset, when it got dark, it was the turn of experienced and experienced divers. Professional divers explained that at night the aura is special under water. And in general, it is customary to celebrate the New Year at midnight so that the lights on the Christmas tree burn.

The Black Sea off the coast of Sudak is pretty cool at the end of December, 11 degrees Celsius, no more. But this only added extreme to the unusual holiday, especially since all the divers were in special suits.

It is noted that making wishes under the sea water is a traditional ritual that has been sacredly observed by Crimean divers for several years.

Also, divers do not forget about the environment: after themselves in the sea, they do not leave any garbage, all the attributes of the holiday are pulled out on land.