OREANDA-NEWS. Director of the film «Eternals» from Marvel Chloe Zhao said in an interview that the timing of the new superhero movie is 2 hours 30 minutes. She noted that a lot of events happen to the characters of the picture. This is reported by the portal Fandango.

She also added that two scenes will be shown after the credits, which will be a big surprise for fans. The premiere of the film in Russia will take place on November 4 this year.

Earlier, the director and screenwriter of the popular TV series «The Squid Game» Hwang Dong-hyuk told CNN about the creation of the main characters. According to the author of the idea and the whole project, the characters are closely connected with his past and his personality. The two main characters, Song Ki-hoon and Cho Sang-woo, were named after Dong-hyuk's old friends.

The squid game was one of the children's games that the director played as a child. In it, the attacking team had to break through a territory vaguely resembling a squid in shape. The team of defenders tried to stop them at the same time. As you know, many children in South Korea also played it as a child.

The plot of the series, according to the director, reflects the «competitive society» in which people live today. This is a story about losers — those who struggle with the difficulties of everyday life and still remain behind, and winners «who raise their level».