OREANDA-NEWS Famous French actress and model Eva Green spoke about her career in Hollywood. She noted that the most important thing for her in the film is the script.

As the actress tells, when she was offered to play the role of the girl James Bond, she refused. But somehow it turned out that she was persuaded to agree. After the release of the film "Casino Royale" the actress became very popular and won the title of the best young actress of the year.

Eva Green declares that she didn’t want to permanently act only in Hollywood, she wants to be recognized not only because of one successful role. "I need to feel and fall in love with the script. It is important for me to see my heroine and understand her. But comedy films do not attract me," said the actress. While studying in drama school, she loved playing the role of negative characters, as it helps get along with her emotions.

When Green was asked if she dreamed to be the most popular actress, she replied that she had not even thought about it. Also, the star has its own rule, which says that it is better to do and regret about it than not to do anything.