OREANDA-NEWS Russian hip-hop artist Vasily Vakulenko, among the people - Basta, became the most successful musician in Russia according to the Forbes version.

The rating involved Russian stars younger than 40 years. It became known that having overtaken his colleagues, the musician earned over the last year 6.9 million dollars.

The second place in the ranking was taken by Dima Bilan, whose fortune is estimated at 6.5 million dollars. And singer Polina Gagarina was in the third position. She earned 5.3 million dollars.

In addition to the above, the list of the most wealthy stars was continued by 25-year-old singer Egor Creed with an income of 4.8 million dollars and 33-year-old singer Olga Buzova, who earned 4.4 million dollars a year.

Among other things, the rating included a young star - 25-year-old Aljay - with his $ 1.5 million.

Recently it became known that the most financially secure star in the world is the singer from the United States Taylor Swift. Her income for the year amounted to 185 million dollars.