OREANDA-NEWS. Radio station RTL reported that Agatha Christie’s detective novel, originally entitled Ten Little Indians (French: Dix Petits Negres), will be released in France with a new title. The new edition of the book will be entitled Ils Etaient Dix (There Were Ten). The text of the novel will also be changed: the word “negre” (nigger) will be excluded. It appears 74 times in the original translation of the 1940s.

James Pritchard, a great-grandson of Agatha Christie, who owns the company that possesses the rights to her works, stated that the language was previously different, and it used words that are now “forgotten.” We should no longer use terms that could be harmful, he added.

It is noted that France is longer than other countries did not change the title of the novel. So, in the United States, the name of the book was translated as And Then There Were None, or Ten Little Indians.